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20 Grove St
Somerville MA, 01609
United States

Game Design On Demand. Building mobile games for spaces. Museums, games, education and other great adventures.


Building mobile games for spaces. Museums, games, education and other great adventures.

A Mysterious Telegram Awaits.

Kellian Adams



Dearest Adventurer, 
As is written in The Green Door, "True adventurers have never been plentiful -(STOP)- They who are set down in print as such have been mostly business men with newly invented methods -(STOP)- They have been out after the things they wanted--golden fleeces, holy grails, lady loves, treasure, crowns and fame -(STOP)- The true adventurer goes forth aimless and uncalculating to meet and greet unknown fate -(STOP)-" 

Kellian Adams Pletcher,

PS: If your willingness to tempt fate leads you EXPLORE strange paths, you may find yourself in possession of a coveted Green Door Labs T-shirt -(STOP)-

PPS: So as not to be coy, I will admit: this is a game -(STOP)- The link to the game and the clues to solve it are in this newsletter -(STOP)- As you may have expected, you will find the game in the guise of an Edventure  -(STOP)- GOOD LUCK!!! -(STOP)-




Perhaps you have not yet seen our Edventure Builder -(STOP)- Perhaps this is the time -(STOP)- Discover your long-lost oldSouth Meeting House BFF at -(STOP)- Try to escape a room in UNH at -(STOP)- There are always secrets toEXPLORE at -(STOP)-
Kellian recently talked with Kate Emanuel of AdCouncil about the importance of games in learning, tips on how to start making games, and identifying what you want out of a game -(STOP)- Here is Part 1 and here is Part 2 -(STOP)- Take a look at why multiple choice quizzes are bad games... though they may come in handy elsewhere- (STOP)-
The New England Museum Association (NEMA) Conference in Portland Maine from 11/4 to 11/6, and we'll be there! Our friends at OnCell will be at the SouthEastern Museums Conference (SEMC) this year -(STOP)- If interested in setting up a media brainstorming session with us, contact here -(STOP)-
Libraries! O libraries what fun you have there among the stacks. Texas State University, Humber College, McGill University, Warner Pacific, UCal Fullerton and a mysterious, locked room in UNH... all great library edventures to explore, if you dare -(STOP)-


"The twin spirits Romance and Adventure are always
abroad seeking worthy wooers -(STOP)-" 
- O. Henry, The Green Door